What Is A WordPress Theme And Where To Get A Theme For Your Site

WordPress ThemeJust what is a WordPress theme and where can you get one for your own site? This is a question that you may end up asking yourself if you have decided to use the WordPress platform in order to have a website for your business or even just a personal blog to allow you to voice your opinions to the world as you see fit. This post is, therefore, aiming to answer both of these questions, so you can then go ahead and pick one that you like and have it on your own website.

Basically, when you sign up to WordPress you will get a generic design for your site that you can then go and customize as you see fit, but it has to be said that the generic design is not the most attractive and this is the point where you will want to consider trying to find a theme to replace it. The theme is a ready-made design that has been created by a designer who then sells it as a template, usually for quite a low price, that you can then buy and use as the replacement for that boring them you were given by WordPress. These themes come in various styles, colors, and even influences, so it does mean that you should be able to find one that looks great no matter the type of website you are looking to create.

Installing the theme is very easy as you can just upload the zip file from the administration panel on your WordPress installation and the program then does the rest for you. All that is then left for you to do is to add in your own images, logo, and anything else that is going to give it that personal touch, but you at least know that the overall structure of the theme has already been created and, more importantly, you know it is going to have been tested and will work perfectly.

There are several places where you can get a theme for your site and indeed WordPress themselves have access to a number of them both free and paid. Apart from this you may wish to consider checking out the likes of Themeforest, Templatemonster, Mojo-Themes and a whole host of others that will have literally hundreds of themes and designs for you to then pick from. You will find that the price you need to pay will vary depending upon the person that designed them, but you can pick up a fantastic looking theme for around the $20, so you just have to compare this to the cost of having an actual website designed to see that it is a great solution for somebody on a budget.

That is a basic explanation as to what a WordPress theme is and also where you can get one for your own website and all that is then left for you to do is to do a search online and check out the websites that sell them to see if any themes really do appeal to you. Installation is easy and as long as you have a basic understanding as to how WordPress works you should have no difficulty in getting your website to look the way you want it to in a very short period of time.

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