The story of one of the most famous hoteliers: Ed Scheetz

Chelsea hotelsEd Scheetz is definitely a renowned name in the hospitality sector, and his example encourages many budding entrepreneurs to live a competitive edge in the hotel and restaurant market. He had already undertaken the refurbishing project of the Chelsea hotels, and the final result can be seen in the grand reopening of this hotel in 2015. In spite of some turbulent years in personal life, which included accusations, legal suits, and defamations, Walter Ed Scheetz has again risen from the ashes just like a phoenix.

Ed Scheetz has been the pioneer in making some of the best hotels, restaurants, food joints and pubs in the world. His future projects include the construction of the famous Astor hotels in 2016, and he is also trying to give an all new brand name and design to the former King and Grove hotels. His personal opinion in this direction is that, all the hotel and large-scale restaurant owners, CEOs and staffs should always try to connect to the clients on an emotional plane.

Everybody in this world has seen some of the best hotels, but they certainly love the exclusive hospitality and courteous behaviour from the hoteliers, which is a very positive feedback. Not just fun and dancing experience, but customers also want to go to a hotel which includes a homely comfort, and a cultured environment. In this case, he is constantly trying to give a new dimension to the already-existing Chelsea hotels, to bring back the old glory of communication among people from all over the world.

Success never came easily: it was tough to achieve

There are real ups and downs in life, and in case of Ed Scheetz it was just not a cakewalk. Some of his major achievements include:

  • Renaming and refurbishing the hotels which were earlier known as King and Grove group of hotels.
  • The Renaissance style architecture has been done by Mr. Robert Gibson, when the Martha Washington hotels were first introduced in 1903.
  • Scheetz also has the famous Ruschmeyer hotels to his company’s credit, and this hotel is renowned for its nineteen comfortable rooms, and the plush exterior.
  • He has given his interviews to numerous reputed magazines, newspapers, and business weeklies to underscore how he was accused in a case involving the death of a girl, (who was incidentally his live in partner, due to drug overdose) in his hotel room in Las Vegas. The case was later settled in an out of court settlement where compensation was given to the girl’s family.
  • This incident was a real eye opener for Scheetz, and he has understood the valued and goals of life once more. His reputation and prestige also rested upon the Hard Rock hotel shares, and he was also an active partner in the Apollo real estate business.

Apart from this, it is also good to go through his personal website, and know how he has attained his Bachelor’s Degree and his associate degrees from the famous Princeton University.