The best IT consultancy company

IT consultancy companyThere are numerous Calgary-based IT consulting companies at present times. CALITSO is one such type of IT consulting company that commits to the innovation and supplies exceptional values to the clients. They are a vital business partner with a focus on diminishing cost while providing the latest in estimating technologies, as well as products.

The Manage IT program of the CALITSO enables the customers to gain the advantages of professional managed IT services at a competitive monthly flat rate. The goal of this company is to make the user’s IT experience to be simple and understandable. They have specialization in offering IT solution to small and medium sized business in the Calgary area. So, they have specialization in the entire IT management from end to end.

Exceptional Aspects of the company

This consulting company has a number of unique characteristics that truly differentiates it from other IT companies, in terms of IT jobs.

  • Well-experienced and authenticated IT Company
  • Manages the technical requirements of the customers.
  • CALITSO also partners with the client’s company to ensure that the latter has access to the very best in technology and solutions to can rely upon.
  • The success of the CALITSO is ultimately measured by the success of the user’s company.
  • There is no need to pay hourly for consultants or in the house staff. CALITSO offers an expertly managed service for an attractive monthly flat rate. This company concentrates on making IT roadmap for success, instead of incurring unplanned costly expenses.
  • This company is famous for their certified IT professionals. They are the members of the IT peer groups, blogs, and social media and also are active beta testers. Their affection for IT coupled with exceptional customer service, and business acumen is the pillar of the company.
  • The team at CALITSO provides quality solutions and service.
  • The professionals of this company are always accessible.
  • They always try to listen to customer requirements and then proceed on projects.

Types of services provided by CALITSO

This amazing IT consultancy firm provides a lot of IT services that can beneficially help the users and business partners. Some of these services are:

  • Support for desktops, as well as laptops.
  • Internet connectivity and uptime.
  • Business phone maintenance.
  • Management of IT projects.
  • Setting up firewalls and servers.
  • Replacing or modifying hardware.
  • Remote, onsite and telephone support.
  • Diminish viruses.
  • Modifies software.
  • Offering collaboration solution.
  • Aiding individual users.
  • Sharing files between individual users.
  • Backup data and data security.
  • Fixing slow computers.
  • Scanning and printing to email.

Prosperities of having CALITSO

This company is known to produce some special services that are mentioned below –

IT service management – This Company provides the Manager IT program that makes the task very easy. Manage IT is like the user’s own personal, fully managed IT support team 24/7, and all for the monthly payment. Whether the business has 5 computers or 200, it earns instant support.

Estimating infrastructure – They reduce the downtime and maximize capacity.

Disaster recovery – The disaster recovery is insurance for the customer’s IT assets and mission typical data.

Cloud services – The “GO with IT” of the company provides a variety of cloud hosted applications like Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint server.

So, CALITSO definitely offers highly beneficial services and solutions for critical IT business operations. For any other information, please visit