South eastern Ontario’s Digital Subscriber Line services provider

internet provider serviceThe town of greater Napanee is located in the county of Lennox and Addington, in the heart of Eastern Ontario, Canada. South eastern Ontario’s foremost provider of internet solutions is dedicated to providing the finest and most reliable internet access and applications hosting to its customers. The best Napanee Internet Service Provider is Kingston Online Services i.e. It is equipped with the latest in digital technology and uses multiple internet connections to maintain the highest level of services in the region.

Since February 1995, it has extended the services to the other regions as well. A high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service is provided to the whole of Ontario and Quebec and fibre-optic solutions to the Greater Kingston area. It continues to move to other areas, and is now a trusted provider of wireless solutions to clients in Napanee and almost all of south eastern Ontario. It is a company privately owned entirely by people living in the community IT services.

In the year 1999, high-speed Digital Subscriber Line services were provided to the whole of Ontario and Quebec and fibre-optic solutions to the Greater Kingston area. Kingston Online Services continued to move to other areas viz Brighton, Gananoque, Prince Edward county, Belleville, Picton and St. Lawrence Islands. Its services are committed to and support the free flow of information and ideas over the internet. It does not actively monitor nor does exercise editorial control over the content created or accessible over its services. There are four packages on offer, ranging from $20.00 to $60.00.

The main features are:

  • Free Technical Support
  • Toll Free Telephone Support(Ontario only)
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Secure Facilities
  • 1Gbps IP Transit to Internet
  • 99.9&% Uptime Guarantee
  • On-site hosting
  • Self-administered hosting
  • Transfer & Visitor Statistics
  • During business hours basic hosting support
  • Web-based e-mail
  • Support for MySQL Database (Linux Hosting)
  • Pay yearly and receive up to $60 off

Kingston Online Services has a breadth of services available for casual internet users and also power-users who tele-commute or require high bandwidth connections.

Innovative solutions are also provided for rural connectivity where conventional internet services are not available or appropriate.

However there are some things which are freely covered by Kingston Online Support:-

  • Specific questions on consultation
  • For individual’s software account specifics (password, userid etc)
  • Internet-related problem solving (within reasonable limits)
  • Kingston online services enquires
  • Basic network consultation as it applies to the clients business account
  • General questions within reason

However, the following things are not freely covered:

  • Network specific setup (internal networking issues)
  • Price quote on hardware consultation enquiry only
  • Normally served(custom applications) software issues
  • Undocumented software
  • Internet issues not directly linked
  • Registration of networks outside the domain name
  • Vertical internet applications (VPNs, online services)

Of the various Internet Product & Service Providers surrounding Napanee to name a few, WTC Communications, Novicom 2000 INC, IP Communications, Cogeoc High Speed Internet, Wave Direct Telecommunications etc none can match the services provided by Kingston Online Services.