Hong Kong Web Hosting- Things To Consider

With the myriad of web hosting services offered in Hong Kong, it can sometimes be tricky and confusing for people to try and obtain a good Hong Kong web hosting service. If you are new to branching out into the online world, it is important that you do research on the host you are looking into. Some hosts are very ethical and they have strict rules and guidelines that they follow to provide the best customer service experience they can.

Unethical companies in Hong Kong will cause you a load of problems. They will make all sorts of promises that are really good, but then they will undercut that with a price point that makes it seem impossible for them to make money. A good rule of thumb when it comes to webhosting is, “If it looks like an amazing offer and it’s too good to be true, read the fine print.”

Some definitions you should know before hiring a web hosting service in Hong Kong:

Shared Web Hosting:

When it comes to popularity, this is definitely the king. Your site would sit on a server with a number of other sites, all using the same resources. Good companies will load-balance properly to ensure that everyone’s site gets served equally well. This is generally a very cheap hosting, and can sometimes be even free.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting:

This is really a subset of Shared Web Hosting. In semi-dedicated hosting there are multiple websites on a single server. Unlike shared web hosting, however, the hosting arrangement minimizes the number of sites competing for the same resource.

Virtual Private Servers:

A step up from semi-dedicated hosting, this is a good intermediary step before you pick up your own dedicated server. VPS’s are virtual machines running on larger servers. They have dedicated amounts of RAM and Processor speed that cannot be affected by another website being hosted on the server. These do take quite a bit more in the way of experience to set up, as you have to deal with the operating system itself.

Dedicated Servers:

This is the top-level of web hosting. You have an entire hard drive, processor, RAM and bandwidth dedicated to yourself. These are usually reserved for high-traffic websites, as they are quite expensive. However, if you need the storage space and power, you won’t find anything better than your own dedicated server.


Co-Location is usually reserved for top-end companies that need data redundancy and backup checks. The website is remotely stored on two servers in separate locations that are fairly far away from each other. If one of them goes down, the other server would be ready and able to immediately pick up the slack and start serving data. These are rarely offered by most web hosting providers as they are not necessary and are cost prohibitive.

3 Things You Should Look For when seeking Hong Kong web hosting services

Quality customer service

Quality customer service is important. That doesn’t mean that the customer service will be available 24/7. Quality customer service means that they should be willing to help you solve your problem in the best possible manner.


Reliability is important, too. The more reliable, the better, of course, but don’t just take numbers on their website for granted. Make sure that you are aware of all the terms of service and you know how to go about rectifying a problem.

Storage and Bandwidth

Storage and Bandwidth are big factors. Because Hong Kong web hosting is now cheaper, a lot of companies offer unlimited storage and bandwidth space, especially when it comes to shared hosting. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it usually carries a caveat about equality of resources. That means if your site uses up too many resources, you can face down times.